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Three Tips for Serious Keno Players

Keno is a great pastime, whether it is played to pass the time between other casino games or simply to relax. The following three tips will help players get the most from keno games, whether played in-house or online.

Watch the Game

Before placing a bet, players should watch the outcome of several games in order to locate any patterns that may be present. Keep in mind, however, that these patterns are not mathematically sound and are likely the result of coincidence. Even so, many players claim to have gotten some of their largest wins after paying attention to the numbers that come up over and over again. Players can write these down and play them after watching a series of at least 10 games.

Playing Consecutive Numbers

Keno is a lot like the lottery. In many drawings, consecutive numbers are pulled from the hopper. There is no rhyme or reason to this; it is simply the nature of things. As such, players may do well to choose consecutive numbers when they are making their selections. For the best results, try choosing at least two or three sets of consecutive numbers when placing bets over several spots on the card.

Play the Same Numbers Repeatedly

Another way that players can get the most from keno is to play the same set of numbers over and over again. Come up with these numbers before ever setting foot in the casino and never change the numbers based upon past experience. Eventually, these numbers will pay off. Some players choose to play two cards at once--one with a set list and another with the numbers that have been coming up consistently.

All in all, getting the most out of a game of keno depends on staying in the game and trying different theories. The three tips above are those most commonly used by players who win at keno on a regular basis.